Enter your Receiver's Serial Number and Code Number to verifiy it is a Genuine STRONG product
NOTE: At this stage, only models SRT 4669X, SRT 4669XII, SRT 4669Z, SRT 4902, SRT 4922, SRT 4930, SRT 4675, SRT 4940,SRT 4920, SRT 4920A, SRT 4922A, SRT 4663XV, SRT 4620XIII, SRT 4622XIII, SRT 4620XV, SRT 4300, SRT 4310, SRT 4329, SRT 4330, SRT 4910, SRT 4675A, SRT 4930L, SRT 4622XV, SRT 4935, SRT 4672 and SRT 4915 may be submitted for authenticity verification.
The service will be extended to additional STRONG models over the coming months
CN (See Below)
CN is extracted from your Receiver Menu as Follows:

1.Press the MENU button on the remote control handset
4.Enter 0000 or your own Password
5.CN will be revealed on the bottom line of the screen
Serial Number is on a sticker on the Rear Panel of your Receiver.


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